Styx Project.

A free and open-source aftermarket distribution, based on the Android mobile platform, aiming to give you the cleanest possible alternative and a perfectly stable, smooth and beautiful experience right out of the box.

Our Team

We are a small team working tirelessly towards making your device beautiful, smooth and perfect.

Ranging from source developers, designers to beautify your experience, and device maintainers.

What we do

We aim to provide a simple, clean, rock stable and minimalistic experience right out of the box.

Faster security updates

With AOSP security patches, Linux and CodeAurora tags being merged within hours of its release, you are sure to receive the latest security fixes and updates on your device as soon as possible!

Secure and Bloat-free

The ROM doesn't ship with any sort of bloat, and many hardening patches are in the process of being merged to give you the most secure and bloatfree experience possible.

Rock stable

We work on the ROM to make it extremely stable; we believe in the user not facing any issues regarding their device, flash and forget.

Smooth and Beautiful

Styx Project is a distribution that aims to be really minimalistic and beautiful right out of the box. We merge patches from master and other sources to give you the best performance out of your device.

Get the latest version of Styx for your device

We support 25+ devices ranging from Xiaomi, Realme to OnePlus OEMs.

All our downloads are hosted on SourceForge. Select your device variant (codename) and download the latest package for your device.

Interested in building Styx for your device?

We are happy to help! Join our Telegram Chat for help regarding porting Styx to other devices!

Source Code is publicly available to sync and compile at our GitHub Organization, along with the device source code at our Devices organization.